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Our approach to the buying and selling process is to make your transactions as smooth, convenient and efficient as possible. If you’re considering buying know your buying power or what you can afford prior to pursuing what great properties are available.( Step 1) .Contact a mortgage company of your choice or the mortgage loan officer at your bank with your last 2yrs tax returns and your 2 most recent paycheck stubs in hand for prequalification of the amount of mortgage you may be able to afford.(Step 2) Promptly deliver all requested documents to loan officer to obtain a letter of conditional approval stating the amount  you can afford.( Step 3) Contact the or 843-906-4733 with this newly obtained information and the area of town, type of property and features you are interested in.

If interested in selling a currently own property contact us with the address ,your name and parcel Id for a free market analysis to determine a realistic price that we may able to sell the property for. 

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